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The user ZonicTheHedge11 founded this wiki.

If you have a high rank on Buby's discord server, you have admin straight away!

If you don't know what DSMIS is, it stands for Don't Scare Me I'm Scared. DSMIS is a FNaF game with Minecraft characters. The series' last game was UDN, an UCN game with the DSMIS cast.

Basic Rules.

Just don't vandalize, spam, add unrelated content or NSFW, troll, harass, be racist or homophobic or swear a lot (It is allowed, but comments should only have 3-4, same as posts and messages, and it shouldn't be used to bully).

If you want to get blocked, ask me and tell me for how long you want it, if you want it to be infinite, you can always get unblocked, by leaving a message on your wall.

People who made the Games

BubyGamer11: This is the modeller and coder for the series. He thinks that DSMIS 1 and 2 are terrible (dsmis 2 isn't that bad imo).

Thomastis: A former friend of Buby. Used to be a beta tester and idea giver for the series. His old username was Thomas_Games.

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